Saturday, March 23, 2013

There's something about Daisy

How delightful! My friends are getting younger haha. That’s what one gets when one enrolls in law school. One particular young friend of mine is Daisy. Daisy is the quiet type who scores high. She reads and punishes herself to read more to prepare for an exam. I wished I had that dogged determination. I call her topnotcher because she oftentimes scores highest during exams.

Of course, she is the product of great genes. Her parents are both actively engaged in the legal profession.

I will be missing Daisy. In the landscape of our lives, the stars will always align to enable us to meet new people to stretch us and expand us. Friendship is one sure way of expanding our lives. Never ever doubt for a moment that the friendships you build will go unrewarded. For friendship itself is the best reward.

Daisy Girl, fret not, the stars will always align for both of us. 

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