Friday, March 22, 2013

A languid afternoon

Musing on a lazy Thursday afternoon.

I am such a provinciana. I am seated by a kiosk enjoying the scenery. The breeze is cool blowing the coconut leaves right in front of me. Across me from a distance, a young man in shorts is strumming the guitar oblivious to the woman watching him. Oh boy, he is sitting on the balcony railing. It is totally an unsafe condition. He could fall down from the second floor together with his guitar.

Towards my left are male college students creating discordant voices. They finally left. What a relief! 

At the back, the welder is busy doing about his menial task. Oh, two men in white uniform are presently doing an exercise routine presumably as punishment. I am bothered. It seems they won't stop. Finally they did!

Unbelievable! Just as I thought everything was quiet again, two men in white uniform slug it out physically. Haha. Talk about boxing. The school guard intervened. What could have happened if the guard just let them be? I wonder.

Imagine. I am only seated here and yet I witnessed all these. It's the beauty of simply letting time pass you by.

Try it. Even a city lass will enjoy it. 

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