Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Doctor's visit

I was at the hospital early to sign up for the 9:00 A.M. check-up. While there, I met my sister-in-law and brother. Surprise! We got to talking about school and job. I am the fourth patient for the day. Not bad huh!

By 9:30 A.M., I drove back to the hospital for the actual check-up. Like in the past, I had to wait. It is past 11:00 A.M. now and I am still waiting. To optimize my time, I communicated with some important people via text. When I was done with that, I played card via my laptop. When I was done with card playing, I started writing this blog.

For a few seconds I was thinking what to write about, then I thought the best item to write is my doctor's visit. It's fresh. It's new. It's real.  

I started to think about why many people are afraid to see their doctors. For some, if not for most, they are scared to know that they are sick. Sickness like death is one scary occurrence in life. Having lost both parents to cancer, I thought for some time that the same illness would claim my life. After mother’s death, I was traumatized for a while. I had this nagging fear that very soon I will follow. I got over the fear, thank God.

When father died in 2009, I was no longer afraid of cancer. I have come to terms with dying. It is an eventuality no one can escape. It happens to everyone: rich, poor, good people, bad people, slaves, tyrants, adults, kids, old people. There is no exception. The earlier we come to terms with the reality that death is a natural part of living, the sooner we overcome our fear and get on with life. 
 Finally, my name was called. Ah, the rewards of blogging. 

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