Monday, January 23, 2012

Go ahead and kiss

Don’t kid yourself. Most adults, both men and women enjoy the company of good-looking people. All the more if and when they get a kiss by these gorgeous people. Ah, lest your thoughts start going naughty, I only meant the social kiss. I do not mean that romantic kiss that you might be imagining right now. 

There’s the kiss on the cheek which is the most usual type, kiss on the hand, kiss on the head, kiss on the shoulder, kiss on the nose, and many other forms.

Oh well, if you search the Internet, you’ll find the meaning of all these kissing gestures.

But I’m not into meanings this time. I’m just into the happy, goofy, fun feeling of receiving a kiss from a great person, sweet friend, long-time admirer (one that you like haha) that you haven’t met for some time. It’s the perfect experience. It’s the perfect treat.

Life is short. When a friend or long-time acquaintance you haven’t met for long asks to kiss you on your next meeting, go ahead and kiss. The good feeling will linger for a long time.

Food for thought:

A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. - Rupert Brooke

A man's kiss is his signature. - Mae West

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