Friday, February 3, 2012

We submit, your honor

You would think that being lawmakers, they would prepare zealously, study seriously, research diligently, and study some more before engaging in actual cerebral battle.

You would think that because they were disseminating information ahead of the actual battle, they were thoroughly prepared.

Well, I guess they were not. And that’s the most ironic part. I wouldn’t want to laugh or get embarrassed while watching TV each time a lawmaker is berated or corrected during court proceedings. But I couldn’t help it. It does happen and I guess will continue to happen for the duration of the impeachment process.

And did I read somewhere that “Tatlong paligo lang ang lamang ng mga Senador sa amin”? That’s a pathetic comparison. The fact remains that you compose the prosecution panel and much is expected of you. Didn’t you start this all? Since you did, we expected you to follow through until the end. Do not compare yourselves with the Senators because in this process, they have a distinct role, way different from yours.

This isn’t a contest. This is the real thing. Real people are involved. In fact, the whole nation is involved.

Do us a great favor. Get your act together and show us the stuff you are truly made of.

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