Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One fine day

This is my first article for “The Greater”, the official bulletin of the Rotary Club of Greater General Santos.
I have thought of many column titles last week before settling on “One fine day”. Let me share some of my choices: “Get naked” to evoke naughtiness haha. Well, just to attract attention. “Where you belong” but it sounds so “GMA”. “Love language” but it’s too mushy for comfort. “Saffron Skies” which is my blog site – I could use that and “Saffron Skies” could become a by-word effectively generating memory recall. Hmmm not bad. I even thought of using “Bridges”, my column title in The Mindanao Bulletin. Ah choices, choices.
The pressure to produce a good column title is on me. Eventually, I think “One fine day” is perfect because it resonates with positivism, hope, and even a glimmer of romance. Oh, oh there goes my romantic side again. Blame it on my genes haha most especially my father’s genes. But what’s wrong with being romantic? Romance is beautiful. It ushers in wonderful feelings. I love romance. I may be jaded at times, but not too jaded to hate it huh!
Well, perhaps we can write an article about romance come Valentine’s Day, but right now, let’s touch on friendship. After all, I see that beautiful friendships germinate inside the club. So, here’s to friendship and more!

P.S. This is only the introduction of my new column in The Rotary. (",)

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