Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My response to the news article "How’s cyberlife for Palace speechwriter? It sucks; Palace to issue guidelines"

That's the dilemma faced by a speech writer, more so, if you are appointed Assistant Secretary.

You are now a government official and so your responsibility has expanded. You are no longer a ghost speech writer. You are a "seen"speech writer. As such, ethical standards must govern your behavior anywhere, even on Twitter.

I agree that her remarks were the expressions of a young lady, no argument there, but remember once it's out; it's read all over the world. It's the global paradox. The world has shrunk and we have increased because of technology. The medium was powerful.

The communications group has so much work to do. Communications is the "in" thing these days. You can't afford to be the first group to always commit the flak; you are supposed to be the front liners.

Shape up.

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