Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My favorite book

Two months after my mom passed away in 2001 while I was reeling from the pain of loss, we decided to spend our Christmas in Davao City. Our intention was to diminish a bit of the loneliness and emptiness that we all felt. It was Christmastime and the city was alive with mirth. Christmas was in the air.
My favorite book
My favorite book
Part of our itinerary was to visit the malls and bookstores. In one of our window shopping sessions, we proceeded to the National Bookstore. There I chanced upon the book, Maximize The Moment by T.D. Jakes. I started browsing and boy was it a wham! The book was totally a revelation. It was like the author directly spoke to me. The lessons were mind-boggling and I was excited to apply them in my life. I didn’t want to return the book to the shelf so I bought it pronto.
By the time we went home, I was reading the book with gusto. Since I was going through a lot of pain then owing to my mom’s death, the book spoke to me in ways I can only fathom. It opened my mind to a larger world. It changed my perspective on things. It elevated my way of thinking and doing things. It’s like the world has totally changed for me.
Over the years, I have always kept the book nearby. When I go through some confusing times, I revisit the book. When I hit a roadblock, I reread the book. The book has become a companion leading me on.
I have lent the book to several friends and one close friend told me something brilliant: “I now understand why you think they way you do. It’s the book. You have totally applied it in your life.” I was amazed at her discovery. It was a confirmation that the book totally impacted my life. I was never the same again.
Now, I smile at the thought that Mother guided me to pick that book that fateful day. She knew I needed it then.
Thanks Mother.

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