Friday, September 20, 2013

The man with a big heart

Life is a constant journey for this big man with a big heart. Born more than forty summers ago, Kenneth Ronald “Kiking” Constancia Camacho was very athletic growing up. He involved in many sports activities, most particularly basketball where his 5’10” height and huge frame played to his advantage.

Blending with nature
He is born to prominent parents. His father, the late Dr. Estanislao Camacho practised medicine and once served as Chief of Hospital at Catigbian District Hospital. Following his retirement, he ran and won as Board Member representing the second district of Bohol. His political career was cut short by his demise. Kiking’s mother served as budget officer at the Sagbayan local government unit until her retirement. She is a public servant at heart. She served the local government while raising a family. It is solid proof that women can manage multi-roles and multi-functions.

He has two other brothers and one sister. Their eldest is Father Jesus Frederick who is now parish priest at Sto. Nino parish in Anda, Bohol. Joseph Lemuel, a younger brother presently serves as staff of Congressman Aris Aumentado while sister Eymardine, a nurse who was also a high school classmate of this writer, is based in the U.S.

He completed his elementary education at Sagbayan Elementary School; obtained his high school diploma from the University of San Carlos–School for Boys; and his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of San Carlos–Technology Center. He took the Mechanical Engineering Board Examinations in October 1988 and passed it in March 1989.

He joined BOHECO I in 1992 fully acknowledging that the company is the proverbial greener pasture. He desired to have a first-hand experience in running a hydro power plant. He has served the company since then. 

At work, he’s the big brother to many. People are naturally drawn to him because of his good nature and easy personality. He is literally a big brother. To this writer, he is a suave driver.

Kiking is married to the former Fritzie Lasco, daughter of the former Mayor of Tubigon, Bohol. She served as BOHECO I nurse for eight years. It was an office romance for this couple which culminated in marriage. Presently, they have three kids aged 10, 7, and 4. Suffice it to say, he married late in life. He enjoyed his bachelor days to the max!

His work functions include overseeing the over-all requirements of the electric cooperative in terms of materials, supplies, equipment, and other logistics. He makes sure that he is on top the situation and anticipates all needs to ensure the smooth operation of each functional unit.

Like most everybody, Kiking has future plans but is not ready to disclose them yet. In time, he will. In the meantime, the man with a big heart is enjoying his life journey to the hilt. 

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