Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunday afternoon with Yoli

Sunday was so refreshing, love-filled, and relaxing. I spent time with Yoli. Yoli is a lady who has come to Bohol on a mission: to help a person engaged in business. Yoli and I went to the same church in General Santos City for many years.

One of the perks of her job is being billeted in a resort facing Tagbilaran Bay. This resort has a history of its own. We frequented this place in my young life whenever we wanted to listen to good music. Back then, my brother played in the band that regularly performed in the bar. Moreover, when I took up Law last year, my classmates and I came to this place to sing.

Tagbilaran City port
But that’s not the subject of this blog. This blog is about how relaxing, refreshing, and comforting Sunday was. We started with Sunday church service. I picked her from her cottage by the sea. After the service, we bought some stuff for her house transfer then proceeded to the cottage for our lunch. Lunch was served against the backdrop of the blue sea with our hair blown by the relaxing wind. Such a gem!

After a good meal and exceedingly good chat, we deposited ourselves in her cottage and napped.

By afternoon, we went to the mall. She had her relaxing pedicure. I did groceries. After all the chores, we went back to her small cottage and had dinner under a moonlit sky characterized by a strong breeze blowing on our faces while cooling our soup fast. Haha talk about irony. We conversed until we were full until it’s time to retire for the night.

It’s truly amazing how the calm sea, its powerful breeze, a moonlit sky, good food, and wonderful conversation can comfort, relax, and refresh us on a weekend. No stress. No pressure.

Sunday afternoon with Yoli was the best yet so far.

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