Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lucky day

I know it’s cliche but Monday was truly a good day. It started with my entrance at the local airport. The x-ray machine was down, thus I had to give my backpack and bags to the aviation security personnel. They checked it. I was advised to check in my backpack. I declined since I was on promo fare. They told me the security at the pre-departure area is very tight. It’s manned by female officers and they are very strict. I coyly said, I will use my charms haha.
Off I went to the check-in counter to get my boarding pass.
Then, I proceeded to the pre-departure security area. My bags were inspected. I didn’t notice that the Officer at the entrance followed me. He was the one who suggested that I check in my backpack. He was probably trying to confirm if my charms will work there.
Anyhow, the inspection went smoothly without a trace of trouble. Off I went to collect my bags. When I slightly turned to collect my bags, I saw the Officer standing on the corner. I couldn’t help but say: “Told ya” and chuckled.
He then followed me to my seat and we chatted about life, family, and work. Turns out he’s not a local in the city. He’s from another city. I know what that means. He is expanding his friendship base. I am not from this city myself; I relocated some twenty years back so I genuinely know how it feels to be isolated, alone, and lonely. I accepted the hand of friendship.
Then we had to board the plane. Now, this is the part where I really feed special. He escorted me up to the plane. Haha not inside the plane of course, but at the landing of the stairs. That looks like VIP to me, and some others I think. We shook hands and off I climbed the stairs.
We had a smooth flight. Touchdown was even smoother. Great pilot huh.
I walked from the plane to the entrance of the arrival area. Lo and behold! There were two aviation security personnel there in their crisp uniforms and shiny shoes. I walked past them when one said, “Ma’am Belinda”? I acknowledged and in a split second I realized that the Officer at the airport of my origin must have called them up to meet me! What a great surprise! I asked: How did you know it’s me? One Officer said, my classmate described you Ma’am. Haha it’s moments like this that I truly feel flattered and very special. He took my backpack and both Officers escorted me out. They accompanied me up to the taxi waiting area and waited with me until it was my turn to get into a taxi. We shook hands. They opened the door and safely saw me in.
Wow! What a great way to feel special! More flights please.

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