Monday, July 22, 2013

The lighthouse

Quaint Sunday afternoon 
I am in this beautiful house with huge windows. I have always loved huge windows. They connect you to the sky. They connect you to the world. Windows also usher in cool breeze. It helps that I’m on the second floor overlooking the city port. It is totally picturesque. It is a cool day today. King sun is still hiding somewhere. Earlier on, I heard sirens from the pier to signal the celebration of the province’s day. I understand the city is joining the province to celebrate the occasion. There’s a festive mood in the city.

The past two weeks, I saw my FB account filled with reunion photos. July is indeed a reunion month for many Tagbilaranons and Boholanos. A friend told me it is on account of Sandugo which is commemorated every July. Indeed reunions are a wonderful, fun experience.

Back to the lighthouse where I am staying, the host is now playing classic music from her classic player. She bought it from the U.S. and brought it all the way home. It’s such a beauty. Classic music, cool breeze, charming view from the pier, high room, and huge windows. This is the perfect place to write a book. 

Below are the photos I took from the windows and terraces of the lighthouse.

Lolo Cris Lungay's favorite pasalubong for us.

From the terrace. I could almost reach it. 

City port on a Sunday

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