Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Makati weekend (",)

I was in Makati over the weekend. A totally unexpected experience.

I stayed in this condo unit which was huge by condo size. It had a large sala, a spacious dining room, four bedrooms with a toilet each, kitchen and even stock room.

That Sunday night, I had the entire place to myself. Nice. Don’t ask me about ghosts huh! I am quite comfortable being alone and I’m not afraid of ghosts really. Really. (“,)

By late Sunday afternoon, I decided to steel myself and walk the Makati streets. Whew that’s scary. Now, that’s scarier than ghosts!

The traffic in Manila, Makati included intimidates me no end. Here I was a provinciana courageously walking with the throng to cross huge streets! The first two streets were fine; it was a Sunday and traffic was light. Then I had to cross the main street Puyat where I would meet a friend and now I’m really scared haha. I searched for people and guess what I did? You will never guess. I asked the silly question: “Are you crossing?” Aha! The three men just looked at me strangely. One said, no. Then a bus stopped and they hopped in. Great! Now I’m going to deal with this crisis on my own. But alas when I looked towards my left, I saw another group of people who were waiting for the traffic light to change. It was a corner street, easy to cross. I hastily walked towards them and asked the silly question again. When the red light blinked for motorists, I joined the crowd. What a relief! I lived.

I met my friend and we went to a nearby mall which by all intents and purposes looked familiar. It was so like Ayala in Cebu City. Hmmm the structure, architecture, and even the shops and restaurants. I felt transported back in time. Not bad. And surprise, like Ayala in Cebu City, the mall had plenty of huge Christmas trees, and all sorts of “pictorial” corners with huge stuffed bears, tigers, and other animals for shoppers. The ubiquitous pictorial haha. We took our photos, too. Grand. I loved the three huge Christmas Trees where I playfully stood in the middle for the shots. Hey Bonits, when will you upload the photos? I’m excited to see them.

After exploring the area, taking photos, and dining in this Mediterranean-type restaurant, we headed back to my impressive condo building. We took a cab. I requested my friend to drop me at Malugay Street first where the condo building stands because it was scary to return on my own. Haha no more crossing streets for the night.

I slept soundly that night. No ghosts appeared.

The following day was THE day!

It was another experience worth writing. I’m still thinking if I should write it. We will see.

P.S. The photos I used here are inspired by what I saw. (“,)

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