Monday, November 8, 2010

Bonding time; Rebisco time (",)

It was one of those weekends! Totally fun!
I was at ABS-CBN’s My Only Radio (MOR) for Life FM station in Gen. Santos City for my radio guesting which turned out to be surprise! “Rebisco Time”. I was interviewed on “bonding moments” with the family. What families usually do during weekends which include housecleaning; gardening; doing grocery together; cooking; playing musical instruments which my teenagers usually do: Shiloh on drums; Kits on either base or electric guitar; pigging out at home; watching home movies, and on Sundays, church fellowship. Our family goes to Bread of Life Ministries.
Nice one. I had fun. More than that, I enlarged my circle of friends.
Thank you Mario Valentino for the honor.
Kapag my Rebisco, ang sarap ng filling mo! Thanks Rebisco, you truly made my day!

P.S. Special thanks to Joey John Elman Concepcion for making the interview easy. My Tagalog was almost perfect (",) Greyzee Vargas Alvarez for the company and shared aspirations. My friends (fans?) who sent text messages right after the interview. Haha fun, fun, fun. (“,)

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