Friday, October 1, 2010

October, I remember.

Ever since mother passed away in 2001, I have always made it a point to visit Bohol during her death anniversary on October 4th and birthday on October 5th. That was before father passed away.

This month, I found no inspiration to visit Bohol. Father passed away in December, 2009 and it seems like there is no one to go home to anymore. Life.

Maybe after I have totally healed from the pain of losing father I could look forward to visiting Bohol again during death anniversaries and birthdays. There is always a time and season for everything.

But truly surprises come our way through people. Thursday afternoon, I received a message from PPSC-RTS 12 to provide a lecture on Public Speaking with practicum to Police Officers undergoing their Junior Leadership Course and, of all dates, October 4 and 5! Haha. Serendipity? Divine intervention?

It made me happy. Truly, there is a reason for everything, and a season.
So I will teach.
And this one’s for mother, the educator par excellence.

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