Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life is a cup of coffee

Too simplistic but true. I love coffee. Who doesn’t, anyways? I started loving it in my late thirties though. Talk about late bloomers. But naturally when it affects my sleeping pattern, I reduce the consumption and when insomniac, ban it for awhile. Yes, ban it. It requires discipline to do that, but do that we must if it worsens insomnia.

Then decaffeinated coffee came. Ahh wonderful, now I switched to decaf at home. But even with decaf, I have reduced my consumption compared to my Visayas days.

At Robinson’s, I have tasted the coffee concoctions promoted by the high-end coffee shops there alongside the regular fare offered by the affordable coffee nooks. And I have brought two good friends with me to the affordable coffee nooks recently. In fact, Jet Reyes and hubby, and Sandra Haw have seen me having coffee there with a friend on separate occasions.

But it really doesn’t matter whether it’s expensive or not. Coffee is best shared with a friend, over good conversation. It’s one of the little joys in life just like body massage and facials haha. But the difference with coffee is it is shared with someone. It could be with great friends; clients; or someone you fancy. Ah that’s the trick.

Two weekends past when I wanted to read the news, I went to Cafe Firenzo at SunCity Complex. Since it was a Sunday, it was kinda laidback and not many people were around. It was quiet and I liked it. I read the coffee shop’s provision of national newspaper from beginning to end in total concentration. These are also the times when I want to have coffee alone, most especially when I just need to relax and read. And wonderful thing, I met one of the complex’s incorporators. We had a little chat. That was my first time at Café Firenzo and I enjoyed it.

What’s the bottom line of this short story? There is no bottom line. Coffee is simply enjoyed any which way you like: with friends over stimulating conversation, or by your lonesome digesting the news. It’s as simple as that. After all, life in its simplest terms is just a cup of coffee.

o O o

For the past three Wednesdays, I have attended the fellowship meetings of the Rotary Club of Greater General Santos. I want to thank my good friend Jet Reyes for the patience to invite me.

Actually, she first invited me in 2007 yet but I only attended once then. Hmmm 2007 seemed like ages ago. What do I remember about 2007 the most? Ahh… Never mind. But I remember I had frequent asthma attacks then. It must be a stressful year huh!

Finally this month, after she has patiently invited me since June this year, I came to the fellowship meeting. Her patience really paid off.

I have always believed that there is a right season and perfect timing for everything. Perhaps now is the right season, and the perfect timing.

I want to thank the Greater ladies for the warm welcome each one has extended to me. I appreciate it.

Ms. Petite Veneracion is the club President. The club is open for membership.

o O o

Professor Tony Nacional of the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, this city, my former MBA classmate invited me to sit as judge in the Mr. & Miss Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators and Philippine Society of Information Technology Students (PSITS)-12 at the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University Covered Court on September 25, 2010.

Tony and I go a long way back to our Masteral days at the then Notre Dame of Dadiangas College (NDDC), now the NDDU. We also served then as Officers of the NDDC Graduate School Student Organization (GSSO). Boy those were fun times! We had lots of activities and amusement while in school. It felt like college life for all of us back then.

I accepted the invitation. Thanks Tony. Mabuhay ka!

o O o

Ms. Carms Laus of the Philippine Public Safety College-Regional Training School (RTS) 12 sent messages last week about my scheduled lecture on Gender and Development (GAD) for Police Officers at RTS 12 this week. The subject is part and parcel of the Junior Leadership Course for Police Officers. It is my time to inspire.

Incidentally, I have also prepared my lecture material for Leadership which is also a subject in the Junior Leadership Course.

In July this year, I applied for accreditation with the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC)-Police Regional Training School (RTS) 12 and starting August; I have provided lectures on Public Speaking and Gender Sensitivity to Police Trainees. This month, I have been officially accredited by PPSC.

I want to thank the PPSC family for maximizing my life in the areas where I could serve the community best.

o O o
Thursday last week was bonding time with both Engineer Nino who was on day off from his engineering duties at a transmission company in Tacurong City and Melody also of the same company but based in Gen. Santos City.

Like most of our bonding moments, we ate heartily. Whatever shall we do without eating? Melody says Penong has opened in Gen. Santos City. So we drove to locate it. We found it and ate with gusto.

Nino’s visit was timely and very productive as well. He was able to work on my wordpress blog site When I say “work”, it means he enhanced its appearance; polished the contents; and added features. It really looks very sleek and professional now. He promised to work on my as well.

Thank you Nino. Needless to say, you are the greatest!

o O o

Food for thought: Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence. >Og Mandino

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