Saturday, October 23, 2010

The man by the bench

I was sitting by the coffee shop reading the national paper when my attention was caught by a man sitting by his lonesome on a bench.
Now, now, what could a man be doing sitting alone on a gorgeous afternoon like this?
Hmmm. My curiosity was piqued. I was imagining scenarios. Perhaps he is waiting for his date? Hmmm maybe he is in a quandary. Ah maybe he is bored.
I glanced at the man again. He is not bad-looking. In fact, he is handsome. Ahh maybe after a minute or two, he will get up and walk.
I perused the paper.
After some time, I looked his way again. He was still there.
Ah. He couldn’t be waiting for someone given the time he is seated there. Maybe he is testing the waters... see if a lady will have the guts to approach him.
Hmmm interesting thought.
A short while after, a man approached him and handed him an envelope. Ah that’s it! He is a crime lord. Oh, oh this is bad. But the man by the bench just put the envelope nonchalantly on the inside pocket of his suit. No big deal. It’s probably a solicitation letter. Some inspiration.
I went back to reading. When I directed my gaze at him, he was still seated there.
Now I’m thinking. Maybe he is waiting for me haha.
What to do? I thought ah I would walk right past him and drop my bag. Ouch too passé, outmoded.
Ah, I would stand right up front and ask: Is this seat taken? He would probably say, it’s still spacious, please take your seat. Hmmm. And then what?
He would probably say: Are you waiting for someone? I would probably say I’m the one you’re waiting for. Haha. Nice one.

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