Saturday, October 23, 2010

A beautiful house

I was in this beautiful house this Saturday afternoon.
It reminded me of Bohol. There’s a certain mystic atmosphere that makes me feel like home.
It’s really true that houses evoke different feelings in a guest. We respond to a house.
The antique furniture and fixture and colorful cutlery brought me back to my childhood days in my home province.
Ahh the house architecture was resort-inspired, the owner volunteered. Totally! It was characterized by lots and lots of open spaces, huge doors, wide and vast windows. Perfect! I love huge windows. They have a certain appeal to my senses. They add to the character of the house.
I think windows will tell the world whether you are an open person or not. With windows, one can easily see who is outside from inside the house; and one can be readily seen from the outside.
And then it rained.
What a perfect setting.
I was in this beautiful house and it had to rain.
I used to say, I love it when it rains… as long as I don’t get wet.
This afternoon I said, it had to rain... when I’m inside this beautiful house.
Perfect setting for a perfect story.

P.S. The photos I used are inspired by what I saw. This is not the real thing. (",)

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