Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roses and Valentines

(I posted this short article on Valentine's Day at our NGCP-Visayas website with "roses" to boot. It speaks about my sense of romance. My male colleagues responded haha.)
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – the weekend actually, and what better time to dig romance than on this special day?
I am not saying romance should only be observed (implemented?) at peak hours of the day (no offense meant to the power users of Visayas region who are beset by generation deficiency) or peak season. I am saying we could allow ourselves to be overly mushy on this date.
Again, let us qualify mushy. You can be soft and squishy not only to your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend; you can even extend the same maudlin feeling to your living parents and more importantly, loving kiddos. After all, our kids adore us. Or don’t they?
So, for all the romantics this side of the universe, more particularly to the women of substance whom I have the privilege of sharing gender with, who love, cherish and wish for roses to come their way not only on Valentine’s Day, here, I’m giving you your first Valentine roses.
Enjoy valentine weekend!

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