Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coffee and Avel

Eleven months ago but not necessarily today, Avel and I decided to have coffee. We kept on postponing it until the new management of our newly-privatized company then transferred me to my Visayas post. Hence, the coffee break didn't come to pass.
But like one writer wrote, things have a way of coming full circle. The Bible calls it: "In the fullness of time". And so it came to pass that today, finally after eleven colorful months, the coffee break materialized. That's coming full circle, I tell you.
Avel encouraged me to blog. Hmmm. I told him I will try. I just lost a parent and whenever I do, I always lose inspiration to write.
I lost my mother in 2001 and I did not write for a year. I lost father on December 14, 2009. Similarly, I am still grieving over his loss.
But I found inspiration in the way he encouraged me. Most often than not, inspiration can be derived from people. And because of that, here I am writing my first-ever blog after father died, thanks to Avel. If I become famous, you can only blame him for inspiring me. I take no credit. 


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Bel.

    YOu are one of the best writers I have ever come across with during the early part of this century until you were gobbled up by the corporate world.

    You actually owe it to yourself for having been able to finally write your first blog.

    I was just made an instrument to make you do the first step.

    Congratulations and happy blogging!

  2. Yes, being the hopeless romantic and diehard sentimentalist that I am, I am a writer, first and foremost.

    And I thank my father for that.

  3. You are what you are...a talented writer! I always glean inspiration from your emails and I'm glad you're blogging, many more will be inspired.
    God bless, my friend!
    Your golden sunbeam :)

  4. i experienced my second wind last august 1, 2009 when i started blogging, SERIOUSLY. in 132 days, i will be celebrating my first year as a blogger who has brought tears and smiles to my faithful readers. somehow feeling ko i have made a difference to their lives....CHAR! welcome bel and keep on writing... blog on!

  5. hi, ma'am belinda. this is nestor, leo's son. had a great time with you last night over a cup of coffee and a short cake. nice sense of humor and simply intellectual. good catch of views or ideas u put here on your blog. keep it up ma'am!

  6. Hi Orman,

    I like that. "Second Wind" should be written as a book. Or is there already a book about it? You can even start writing it deriving inspiration from your own personal experiences. You can write it by chapter.(This is the advice of my sister Delora anyways.) She is a published poet and former Assistant Editor of SunStar Weekend in Cebu.

    Yes, I am certain you have inspired your readers. Nothing beats an article originating from the heart. It never fails.

    Thank you for the welcome.


  7. Thanks Nes,

    How come there are so many Nestors in the world?

    Best regards to the patriarch.

  8. Hi Carms,

    I have been writing blogs in Multiply.com since late 2006. In fact, I have written so many articles there.

    But writers always need time to rejuvenate, refresh so I slacked for a time. And then the transfer.

    But "In the fullness of time" golden sunbeam.

  9. Welcome to blogosphere. Keep on writing =)