Saturday, August 24, 2013

BOHECO I celebrates 42 years of service

Ring of loyalty
BOHECO I, Bohol’s pride has grown immeasurably by leaps and bounds through the years. Indeed, its “cup runneth over”. From its humble beginnings on August 11, 1971, it has expanded practically in all areas – from operations to physical expansion, as a distribution utility. It has evolved side by side with the evolving and dynamic power industry.
With a strong workforce of 307 plantilla personnel, it efficiently operates and maintains five substations namely: Maca-as Substation in Tubigon, Villarcayo Substation in Carmen, Loay Substation, Dampas Substation in Tagbilaran City, Maribojoc Substation, and Panglao Substation; 3,457 circuit kilometres of distribution lines; serves 128,236 households broken down into 108,580 residential, 1,075 residential (Cabilao), and 1,661 residential (Island Barangays); 5,332 commercial small, 328 commercial large; 33 industrial; 2,708 public buildings; and 8,519 street lights. It has a total combined asset of P1,545,494.00 as of June, 2013.
Maintaining its competitive advantage, BOHECO I has also diversified its operations by putting up the BOHECO I Sevilla Mini-Hydro Corporation. The distribution utility also owns and operates the Janopol Mini-Hydro power plant. The Sevilla mini-hydro power plant has a capacity of 2.5-megawatts while the Janopol mini-hydro power planthas a capacity of 5-megawatts. The combined power generation of both power plants supplies the 2.2-megawatt requirement of BOHECO I’s franchise area. The rest of the power requirement is supplied by the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market or WESM, Cebu Energy Development Corporation, and Sta. Clara Power Corporation.
Consistent upgrading and modernization of its equipment and facilities to be at par with industry standards is a leadership commitment. The electric cooperative invests in equipment, facilities, and modern transport to ensure a fast, efficient, and optimum delivery of services.
“BOHECO I: Lighting the Past; Blazing the Future”, a coffee table book discusses in detail the developing years of the distribution utility. It’s a must-read book since it walks you through the early beginnings of the electric cooperative: how it came to be; its early successes; the visionary leaders; among others. It is also a detailed description of the early years when power supply in the province’s municipalities was scanty and only available for a few hours daily.
Through the years, BOHECO I has been a consistent awardee of various awards coming from the National Electrification Administration. For 2011 alone, the electric cooperative garnered the following awards: Grand Diamond EC Award, Best in System Loss Performance Awards (Single Digit System Loss), Consistent Single Digit System Loss for the last 10 consecutive years, Best in Collection Performance Award, Best in Region Award, Award to an EC Regional Association that interacts regularly with each other via video link and Information Technology and informs the member consumers through printed materials and other means that tackle issues common to the ECs, and Consistent 100% Collection Performance for the last 15 consecutive years.
BOHECO I does not rest on its laurels as it consistently advocates a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that harmonizes the electric cooperative’s operations and its corporate responsibility towards the consumers it serves. Included in its holistic CSR package are Scholarship grants for deserving children of member-consumers, Brigada Pasiga, and other livelihood assistance projects.
The electric cooperative is also committed to the preservation of the environment through the Janopol watershed rehabilitation project. In 2012, 3,070 Mahogany seedlings were distributed to individuals who planted the same in alienable and disposal lands.
These seedlings were best planted in catchment areas in portions of Balilihan, Sevilla, Catigbian, and Sagbayan, and the whole of Carmen and Batuan, all in Bohol.As of December, 2012, BOHECO I has distributed a total of 197,273 seedlings covering 87.72 hectares of land.
BOHECO I invests P150,000.00 annually in the Janopol Watershed Rehabilitation Project. This is top management’s commitment to sustain the Janopol watershed.
BOHECO I is also a committed partner of the Multi-Sectoral Electrification Advisory Council (MSEAC). The organization of MSEAC is an offshoot of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA).The MSEAC strengthens the role of the electric cooperative’s member-consumers as important players in the rural electrification program under the changes and challenges of the EPIRA regime. 
The future looks very bright for BOHECO I as it continues to flesh out its Vision of “An electric cooperative with highly-professionalized services for customer delight.” Supportive of this vision is the cooperative’s mission “To deliver quality electric service for the cooperative's area coverage up to the last sitio as well as the delight of its customers and manpower.”
Indeed, BOHECO I consistently pioneers and carves its leadership role in the electrification of the Bohol countryside pushing the economic progress of these areas. We are proud of our humble beginnings, grateful of the people’s support, and inspired by our accomplishments even as we continue to deliver quality electric service to all. 

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