Saturday, May 4, 2013

The green rally

What is it with colors? Well, for one, colors bring life. They connote diversity. They are powerful symbols. And these powerful symbols are most felt during elections. Hmm makes me wonder what color to use when I launch my political bid. Perhaps fuchsia pink? Haha. Dream on.

As promised, last night I attended another political rally. I did not stay long. I just wanted to feel the pulse and take my shots. For starters, the rally was organized. The stage was well set up, complete with the perks of technology. I must say this group is tech-savvy. I like what I saw.
Pundok Panaghiusa rally in Booy, Tagbilaran City
The stage was all green including the people sitting there. Some groups maybe green with envy? Talk about colors huh! 
I listened to about three short speeches. I did not see any performer yet. Maybe it was saved for the middle part of the program.

In an effective communication plan that communicators call a CommPlan, a political rally which is usually held outdoor is a very powerful strategy. It should be a product of careful planning, preparation, and organizing before the actual execution. One cannot be haphazard and just use the lame excuse: “It’s only a rally anyway.” A rally is a powerful symbol. You organize and manage a political rally admirably and people will see you mean business. 

Like I said, political rallies are a form of outdoor marketing. You want to promote your product, package your rallies professionally. 


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