Saturday, May 11, 2013

Philippine elections: Choose upright leaders

The Philippine Flag
Elections are just around the bend. I pray that we Filipinos rise from our bad habits and elect rightful leaders. It is sad when we elect our leaders and then criticize them afterwards. We elect them, we stand by our decision. They commit something grievous we speak out, we press for an explanation, or bite our tongues and wait for the next elections to make sure these leaders will not win anymore. We cannot continue blaming our leaders for our bad choices. We have bad leaders, we made bad choices. It’s as simple as that. It’s not rocket science.

The sad thing is politicians belong to a party. Most times, individually they can no longer manifest their personal convictions because the party thinks otherwise. Sad but true. Politicians serve the party leadership, as well. There are dynamics. They cannot just deviate from party norms. If and when they do, they could stand the chance of being junked from the party.
So it really is up to us. Politicians come and go, well, they don’t literally go because of dynastic politics, but the electorate remains.
It is within our power to choose upright leaders, leaders with convictions, leaders who can keep their characters intact amidst political schemes and intrigues, and leaders who can rise above patronage politics. I know it’s a tough act. These ideals are very high but should we not impose the highest standards on our politicians? We must because we give them the mandate. A mandate is very sacred; given in trust. If it is given in trust, then it’s serious business. If it’s serious business then it’s time we take our elections seriously. No buts; no ifs.
If you love your country, and I assume you do, elect upright leaders.


  1. I totally agree with you! It's always the same people we vote for, same names, same faces. Yet we blame them for all the challenges that we face. Aren't we the ones to blame. As a child , who is unable to vote, I feel helpless knowing that my country is dying and I can't do anything. Hopefully, my attempt of posting articles in my blog will be able to convert at least a single voter into voting competent and credible people.

  2. You are the hope of this nation.

    If we can have more of you, then this nation is not doomed.

    Let's continue to write. Let's continue to pray. Hope springs eternal.

    The youth manifesting their love of country is a sure sign of transformation.


    1. Thanks! It is people like you who inspire me. I also wish that their can be more patriotic people like you who love their country.

    2. Many people my age love our country. If only public service via elections is not pricey, we would be serving the public now.

      Such is the reality of Philippine politics.