Saturday, February 25, 2012

Showbiz blight

By Hezekiah Kit Sales Canlas 

(Critical Writing) 

How do people see showbiz relationships? Are showbiz relationships good examples and we ought to follow them?

Let’s face it. Though there is only a small number of successful showbiz relationships which we can even count using only our fingers, there is a large number of failed showbiz relationships. What can be the reason for these break-ups? Can it be infidelity or financial problems?

What’s this the writer all blabbering about? These showbiz relationships, which mostly are results of being “loveteams” that bring “kilig” to the Filipino audience, produce parentless children.

If you can see in the Philippine film and television industry, many actors and actresses marry or have a live-in relationship. Because of a gazillion reasons to choose from, these relationships are very short-lived. Unfortunately, both persons who are in these relationships also have sexual relations, thus producing offspring. The unlucky child or children of the two now-separated “lovers” now grow up in the world lacking a mother or a father. But the story does not end there. When the separated lovers finally go through the heartbreak process, they find another “love” in the industry, and the cycle just goes over again.

This cancer has, unfortunately, become a usual scenario in the film, television and entertainment industry. We do not proclaim that the “love-children” of these idiot artistas do not have the chance to live. Not only that they have the right to live, but the children also have the right to be guided and nurtured with love and compassion by both their parents in their growing up years. The fact that these children, who are born out of wedlock, do not grow up with the proper guidance of two parents is a wake-up call among the Filipino citizenry that we should not follow these very disgusting examples of parenthood.

These artistas are irresponsible and stupid in handling their relationships. They think that they are already mature enough to enter relationships and easily exit them. What’s worse is that they do not even realize or understand how the offspring of the separated artistas feels or what they will have to go through in life lacking a mother-figure or a father-figure.

If you really want to investigate about this particular issue, start from Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr.

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