Thursday, February 16, 2012

The laundry smells good

I’m so glad I found Irish. 

She does the laundry and does not complain a bit about the volume. That’s what I like about her. She does her job with gusto. She also sings along with the radio. How happy could you get!

For nearly three months, we availed of two laundry shops. The last one, we had a sorry experience. We lost a pretty blouse.

That’s when we decided with finality that we’ll resort to the good old-fashioned laundry woman. You know the likes who visit your house to do the laundry. In the process, you get to chat, have coffee together, dine together, and gel.

When the main road enroute our subdivision was inundated last week and the murky waters mercilessly entered my car – first time it did after all these years, whom would I call to clean up the mess? 

Naturally Irish. I’m so glad I met her. She minimizes the stress and enables me to focus on my professional activities.

But the best thing about Irish and her laundry is - the clothes really smell good after a good wash.

Way to go Irish!

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