Monday, January 2, 2012

Get God onboard

Have you had plans that you have set aside for some time now? Say a decade? Well, it’s time you start pounding on them. The plan has been there for a while, probably tucked in one compartment of your mind. Now is the time to revisit that compartment, bring out the cold stuff, thaw if necessary, unpack, look at the bigger picture, and work out the details.

New Year is the perfect time. It is after all, a new beginning. Get on with the plan and implement it. Easier said than done? Well, you need support. Discuss it with family members and closest confidantes and friends. Pray about it. Work out the details with them and most importantly, start that single step. For instance, write that first letter. Do that research. Visit that office or person. Start with a single step so the fluid plan gets into motion. It’s like energy transformed from potential to kinetic. Hmm where did I learn that? Ah my Grade 3 teacher.

        Let’s simplify. When the plan is now out of the compartment, review it. Delete the non-essentials. Leave only the essentials. Simplify. Don’t create complicated action plans. Connect with people who can assist you. Then start implementation. Remember simplify. Don’t stress yourself. When everything is covered, wait for the result. Be patient. It will come in time.

        Now, remember that when your plan is not aligned with God’s, it will meet hitches along the way. So as you revisit your plan and decide to execute the details, keep God onboard.

        For a final touch, add a key ingredient - focus. Commit not to get distracted by anything or anyone that comes along the way. Remember the plan has been stored for a long time. Focus on fulfilling it now and enjoy the rewards soon after. 

Food for thought:

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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