Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Total faith

Last week I was working on the requirements for a new job. It was stressful. Thank God Hezekiah Kit was there to assist me. When all was emailed, I was relieved. And yet, I needed something else to do to bust the stress. What would you know? I hit inspiration. I installed Christmas d├ęcor haha. I did so with gusto. After the task was completed, I felt so much better. Stress busted with a bonus to boot: I enjoyed the Christmas lights. Whatever shall we do without the trappings of Christmas huh!
o o o
Yes, it is an online job. I do Editorial work for a Hong Kong-based company. It is home-based. Isn’t that cool? I’m now in BPO as Jan Ced aptly said. BPO is Business Process Outsourcing. Guess where I met Jan Ced? You will never guess. At the quaint barber shop again. Whatever shall we do without barber shops! I was there Sunday afternoon to accompany my teenager. It was time for his haircut.
o o o
Over the weekend, we had guests at home. Teenagers. It was the regular sleepover night of the “sleepover gang” at home haha. Hey, it isn’t the mafia. The gang consists of Hezekiah’s friends way back from high school. I observed them up close and personal, and I feel happy for them. Their closeness has seen them through many highs and lows in life. They stick together and help each other. I can imagine them graduating from college and still sticking together. You know how it is with our high school friends; we never cut the umbilical cords. We stick together; stand by each other. I’m happy for these young people. They are very smart teenagers and they take their education seriously. Their only weakness apart from eating and dancing, is watching home movies haha. As a parent, I am honored that my house is a regular host of the sleepover gang.
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Last week also, my good friend, my esteemed former colleague Betty Martinez from Zamboanga City was in Gen. Santos City for business. She was billeted at East Asia Royale Hotel. I paid her a visit and we chatted forever. Well, not forever. I had to leave by midnight (not because I’m Cinderilla-like) since I still had work to do the following day. It has been over two years since we last saw each other. That long! But since we always spoke on the phone, it seemed like we just saw each other last month haha. Must be the magic of technology huh!

Anyway, I liked the look and feel of Betty’s room at East Asia Royale Hotel. I see that renovations have been done. In 2008, during a corporate training, we spent the night at the same hotel. The rooms were carpeted then. I have trouble with carpets. It triggers the asthma. Last week, I was glad when I entered the room. It was no longer carpeted and it had a totally breezy new look. Kudos Rombar Bartolome.

The room reminded me of Smallville 21 in Iloilo City: brand new with brand new furniture and fixtures. And very spacious, too. For more information about East Asia Royale Hotel, please visit their web site: http://www.eastasiaroyalehotel.com/
o o o
Two weeks back, I was talking to someone who knew that her life could end anytime soon. I marveled at her acceptance and total surrender. She is already at peace with herself. She is at peace with her God. She went through a lot of ordeal these past several months and the experience has taught her total surrender and acceptance.

I wonder how we will deal with our own mortality when it is being challenged by a major illness. It’s not easy. It will be a great struggle. Our personal and professional training teaches us how to survive and overcome. But when a major illness visits us, what then?

I have seen how this lady has put her total faith in the Creator. It just amazes me how peaceful and pretty she looks like she is not sick at all. I offered to drive her home after our conversation. We talked some more. Hmmm life.

Lesson of the story: Let’s count our blessings. Enjoy what we have. Be grateful each single day. Continue loving and praying. Above all, keep the faith.

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