Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The thought of romance

Love stories always happen. In fact, they are happening as we speak, anywhere, everywhere. You can ask Maiko about it haha. That’s because the human heart is designed to love which is the real thing, and, to enjoy romance which is fleeting and a feel-good thing.

Naturally, some love stories are scoffed at. This usually happens when the love story is an “affair” between two married people or a single person with a married individual.

There are many motivations to enjoy the feeling of romance. For the middle-aged, perhaps their relationships have reached a point of boredom. They want variety. They want something exciting and fun. Oh, the middle-aged don’t intend to leave their families; they’re just at it for pure fun and pleasure. And of course, it’s good for the ego and machismo, for men, that is. What about for women. Well, I guess the motivation is the same huh!

Someone once told me this: In a man’s lifetime, he will have a fling or two. Hmmm is that an acceptance that her man will eventually have a fling or two in his lifetime. Who knows? We do not hold the future in our hands.

There are different types of romance. There is a summer fling or romance. This usually ends when summer ends. How’s that? A vacation romance is quite romantic, right? You spend a week or two in a new place without the slightest thought of romance and suddenly you find yourself flirting with another human being haha. It doesn’t end there. There’s a course review romance; office romance; out of office training romance; airport romance; ship romance; sales romance; name it, you have it. There’s actually no limit for romance to happen. As long as we live, we breathe attraction. It’s the normal course of things.

Oh well, this article is not written to encourage all types of romance.

It only aspires to articulate and put into words what happens in real life.

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