Monday, August 15, 2011

Abusive tricycle drivers

Hello All,

I would like to present a community concern.

It's about city tricycle drivers and the exorbitant rates they charge. They are most abusive on students.

Case 1: A student takes a ride together with another student or some other students enroute Gensanville Subdivision. Each one pays P15.00 each (negotiated or pakyaw). When one student is dropped at Phase I, drivers are just silent. But when drivers start maneuvering towards Phase 2, they start complaining that Phase 2 is far away and RENEGOTIATE for additional pay. That really stinks! The poor student - if he/she can stomach the incessant grumbling won't add another centavo but if he/she is pestered by the grumbling driver, he/she has no choice but to add. WHO WILL PROTECT our young students from ABUSIVE tricycle drivers? That's not all. Even when the students NEGOTIATE (pakyaw), the abusive drivers still pick up passengers along the way.

Case 2: Most tricycle drivers do not grant students their discounted fare. They even overcharge. What's wrong with this picture? Who will protect our young students from abusive drivers? Who will monitor the rightful imposition of the student discounted fare?

Case 3: Take the bus. When you disembark at the regular drop sites, the tricycle drivers approach you and charge P40.00. Hello. What's happening here? Who is protecting passengers from abusive tricycle drivers?

I am presenting this to you. How can we help our young students? The commuters?

The system really sucks.

Thank you.

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