Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Mangrove

Coffee and bread. I opened the screen door and looked out the river. It was coffee time this afternoon.

I have ceased to drink coffee since three weeks back. I have decided when I got sick that I will kick out the habit. So far, so good. I slept the whole afternoon and when I woke up, I wanted to eat bread. I told myself that having coffee for bread is not in violation of my self-imposed rule.

I was having coffee and eating bread while communing with nature. The birds were hovering across the river. Ah the mangrove tree was standing; leaves dancing. Totally a beautiful scene. Nature is truly beautiful. You stare at it and you marvel at the power of its Creator.

As usual when these experiences happen, I am usually alone. It’s a communion. What a lucky girl I am. Most people have to travel to see what I see every single day. Yeah, at times, the beauty simply escapes me; work life is demanding. But when I have my slow moments which usually happen during weekends, then I get to commune again with the beauty that surrounds me.

Real beauty makes us drift. We remember our loved ones – those who are living and long gone. It makes us revisit our charming memories; I only choose the good ones naturally including past loves haha. Sure why not?

Then it occurred to me: hey, I can write about this scene. Yes, I could.

So here it is. Inspired by a cup of coffee.

Oh, I always go back to my first love: Life is a cup of coffee.

And the mangrove tree continues to thrive on the riverbank. Just like me. Just like you. Enchanting.

P.S. Last weekend, I saw a small snake swallow a live lizard by the mangrove roots. It's ugly.

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