Friday, December 17, 2010


What is it with people?

You love them, hate them, admire them, despise them, need them, ignore them.

What is it with a special person in one’s life?

You love him, hate him, admire him, despise him, need him, ignore him.
You love her, hate her, admire her, despise her, need her, ignore her and worst, deliberately hurt her.

Some people come to you to express a need; some come to ventilate frustrations and life issues; some come just for comfort.

But hey, let’s also stop and pause for a while and think about how we can make other people happy; feel important and special.

I tell you, everyone needs to feel special; cared for and most importantly loved.

Like I always say, “Life is not always about you; it’s also about me”.

Life is not always about him; it’s also about her.

Life is not always about your need; it’s also about my need.

Learn to give; learn to release; learn to love.

Learn to be human; learn to ache; learn to cry.

People have the greatest capacity to hurt other people; but they also have the greatest capacity to love.

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