Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wonderful lazy afternoon while convalescing

I have been sick since Sunday after a week-long trip. Terrible. Hmmm. Body breakdown. Too much wear and tear.

I’m relaxing today while recuperating by listening to gospel songs and visiting my Facebook site from time to time.

As I was looking out the rice field, I noticed that the weeds have outgrown the rice stalks. Tsk, tsk I was wondering if Manong (I never got his name) will start clearing the weeds. Where is he?

Aha I was so right! The weeds didn’t escape Manong’s hawk eyes. As the afternoon sun sets and the wind starts blowing – yes it’s a windy afternoon here, I saw him clearing the weeds using a sharp sickle. I have seen Manong for over ten years now tending to the rice field adjacent my house. He is the faithful katiwala of the landed owner.

He is wearing a brown cap to protect his head or face (?) from the heat. Or maybe I’m wrong. It could be a fashion statement for all we know. Aha! He is wearing a white T-shirt with a printed face. I’m trying to discern if it’s the face of Manny Pacquiao but his back is towards me. Hmmm. Mystery T-shirt.

Maybe I should go out the door and beckon him so I can see the printed face up close but that would probably make him wonder. He would probably say, silly girl.

He is now amidst the wind-blown weeds and rice stalks. What a picture.

If only he knows I’m writing about him right now, he will probably have the biggest chuckle of his life.

Wonderful lazy afternoon while convalescing. (“,)

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