Friday, November 12, 2010


(This space is exclusively given to True Gold and her “Crossroad”. Thank you for the honor.)

I thought our love would be forever
You were everything I could ever want in a
27 years of happiness and love
Who would think it would end this way?

You hurt me badly
Almost destroyed me with your betrayal
All the happy years were just a cover up
A farce to hide the ugliest truth of all

You didn’t love me that much after all
Yours was not true or even exclusive
No conscience, no depth
Could it ever have been called love?

And so, I am standing alone now
In pain and also broken
There is no rainbow beyond the horizon
My tears overflow, my heart shattered

And yet I still miss you so
Your smile, your warmth, I look for
How could my love be enduring and forgiving
When you have left with me with nothing?

Will I ever be happy again?
Will I ever see beauty in my life again?
Will my heart ever mend?
Answers evade me now.

Then you come knocking on my door again
Promise of a tomorrow
Your sweet words and tears fool me once more
Why do I keep on believing?

Do I trust you again?
Do I risk my still broken heart?
Am I doomed to die a second time?
Will my world explode forever more?

My plea to you
Please do not play Russian roulette with my
Don’t come back if you’re just holding the gun
When one bullet will finally break my heart into
Little pieces and then I’m totally done

See my pain, wipe my tears away
Have pity on me and please don’t hurt me again
If you have any mercy in your heart
Let your love be true this time

I am helpless, after all
A prisoner of my love for you
If this is just what you are after
Then treasure it above all

I stand on a crossroad
To give you up or take another chance
Where, oh where, do I find salvation?
Only God knows what lies beyond each path

I still love you
And it seems I will love you for eternity
But you, will you ever truly love me?
I can only cry.
I can only cry.

 True Gold

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