Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog fun

I admit. I haven’t fully explored the world of blogging yet and its consequent fun. Well, I have other stuff to do in life. Hey, I have responsibilities, too, just like anyone else.
But Monday night up to dawn, I just had the itch er curiosity to visit my two sites and explore.
Oh well, my young topnotch engineer-friend Nino L has enhanced the appearance of and did some work on my, but Monday night until dawn, I was really able to appreciate – totally – the beauty of blog statistics haha.
It’s magic. I saw the graph of my “readership” on a daily, weekly, monthly and all-time-high basis. I know the origin of my audience – it’s there! From the Philippines to U.S.A., Canada, Australia, U.K. and other parts of the world! Beat that! Even Slovenia! It’s amazing. I almost fell off my seat haha.
Then statistics also showed the number of times my sites have been visited and the number of people reading me. Like a child, I must say I’m delighted.
You see, when I write an article for my newspaper column, the article also appears on my blog sites. Of course I write other stuff when inspiration hits me – I call them moments of brilliance, but in the newspaper world, you wouldn’t actually know how many have read you because a newspaper could transfer hands and pockets?; some would read you; some not.
But on the site, each time you click my page, it’s counted. So it’s accurate and like a child, I’m totally enjoying it.
And proof of that, I’m writing “Blog fun”.
The global paradox has totally benefited me. Thank God for the gift of technology.

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